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Shaklee Healthy Home Products My wife and I were introduced to the Shaklee cleaning products several years ago. After trying out several of them we fell in love with them and decided to share them with people.

So many products you find in stores have harsh chemicals that really aren’t safe for you to come into contact with. There will always be a residue of some sort after you clean a surface, and that residue needs to be safe. My wife and I have young kids, so safe products are even more important because some chemicals can affect how they grow.

I believe that Shaklee’s products are safe, and that is the main reason why I like them, well, and the fact that they do a great job of cleaning.

Shaklee Get Clean Kit

Shaklee Get Clean Starter KitThe best way to get started with the Shaklee Healthy Home products is with one of the Get Clean starter kits. There are two kits – one is regular scent and the other is fragrance-free. They both come with all-purpose cleaner concentrate, laundry products, kitchen products, and tools and containers to dilute the concentrates down to regular strength. The kits also include microfiber cloths, a sponge and a scrubbing pad.

See the Shaklee Basic H3 Super Organic Cleaning ConcentrateIf the price of the Get Clean starter kit is too much for you right now, then I recommend that you start with a bottle of Shaklee’s all-purpose cleaner – Basic H2 Super Organic Cleaning Concentrate. A 16oz bottle of the concentrate makes 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner. That should give you enough to decide that the Shaklee cleaning products work.

How to Order Shaklee Get Clean Products

You can get more information and order the Shaklee Get Clean products by clicking on any of the pictures or links on this page.

Get Clean Starter Kit

sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”kits” items=”1″ img_index1=”1″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Starter Kit” link_url1=”” link_target1=”new” /]

General Cleaning

sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”clean” items=”4″ img_index1=”1″ link_title1=”Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner Concentrate: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Basic H2 Cleaner” link_url1=”” link_target1=”same” img_index2=”2″ link_title2=”Shaklee Basic H2 Wipes: Check Price and Order” link_txt2=”Basic H2 Wipes” link_url2=”” link_target2=”new” img_index3=”3″ link_title3=”Shaklee Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes: Check Price and Order” link_txt3=”Germ Off Wipes” link_url3=”” link_target3=”new” img_index4=”4″ link_title4=”Shaklee Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste: Check Price and Order” link_txt4=”Scour Off Paste” link_url4=”” link_target4=”new” /]

Dish Washing

sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”dish” items=”2″ img_index1=”6″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Dish Wash Concentrate: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Hand Dish Wash” link_url1=”” link_target1=”new” img_index2=”7″ link_title2=”Shaklee Get Clean Dishwasher Powder: Check Price and Order” link_txt2=”Dishwasher Powder” link_url2=”” link_target2=”new” /]


sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”laundry” items=”5″ img_index1=”11″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Fresh Laundry Liquid” link_url1=”” link_target1=”new” img_index2=”12″ link_title2=”Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Powder: Check Price and Order” link_txt2=”Fresh Laundry Powder” link_url2=”” link_target2=”new” img_index3=”13″ link_title3=”Shaklee Nature Bright Stain Remover: Check Price and Order” link_txt3=”Nature Bright” link_url3=”” link_target3=”new” img_index4=”14″ link_title2=”Shaklee Get Clean Soft Fabric Concentrate: Check Price and Order” link_txt4=”Fabric Softener” link_url4=”” link_target4=”new” img_index5=”15″ link_title5=”Shaklee Get Clean Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets: Check Price and Order” link_txt5=”Dryer Sheets” link_url5=”” link_target5=”new” /]

Hand Soap

sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”hand” items=”1″ img_index1=”2″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Hand Wash Concentrate: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Hand Soap” link_url1=”” link_target1=”same” /]

Water Filtration

sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”water” items=”2″ img_index1=”6″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Water Filtration Pitcher: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Filtration Pitcher” link_url1=”” link_target1=”new” img_index2=”7″ link_title2=”Shaklee Best Water Countertop Water Filter: Check Price and Order” link_txt2=”Countertop Filter” link_url2=”” link_target2=”new”/]


sprite_img_src=”” prefix=”accessories” items=”1″ img_index1=”3″ link_title1=”Shaklee Get Clean Accessories: Check Price and Order” link_txt1=”Accessories” link_url1=”” link_target1=”new” /]

I would love to read about your thoughts or experiences with the shaklee cleaning products. Please take a few minutes and leave a comment below.


I am an independent Shaklee distributor. If you place an order using the links above then I may earn a commission from the sale. The Shaklee cleaners an other products are only available through an independent distributor.

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