Safe Cleaning Products for the House

Safe Cleaning ProductsI like to have a clean house, so my wife and I work together to get all of the cleaning done everyday. We have two kids and a cat, so there is enough to do. I don’t like to have to sort through a lot of different products when I do it though, and the products have to be safe.

What Is A Safe Cleaning Product?

First I want to talk about what I mean by “safe”. Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are highly toxic even in small concentrations. They may become even more dangerous when they combine with other chemicals that you use in your home. There are two aspects to product safety that are important to me – they must be safe for my family and safe for the environment.

When you use a cleaning product in your house it will affect more than just the spot where you put it, and it will affect that spot long past when you used it. All cleaning products that I am aware of, even the ones I like, are made up of chemicals. They may be plant-based, all-natural, organic or whatever, but they are still chemicals. If it is a spray cleaner, then some of it will hang in the air and potentially be carried throughout your house to touch or be breathed in by you and everyone else in it. They have to be relatively harmless.

All cleaners leave a residue on the surface that you just cleaned. I think the best example of that is when you use any of the common glass cleaners on a window or mirror. They all leave behind an oily film that attracts dust so that you have to clean them more often. To me, the point of a cleaner is that the residue they leave behind is better than the residue that they remove. The residue must be safe enough that a baby can touch it with their finger then put their finger in their mouth, because you know that is exactly what they are going to do.

Safe For the Environment

The other part of product safety is how it affects the environment. The cleaning products that you use are going to end up out in the environment. They get rinsed down the drain into the city sewer system, water treatment facility and eventually into the rivers or into your septic tank and eventually leeched into your yard. They also end up in the land fill on your cleaning towel and on the inside of their container when you throw them away.


The cleaners I use have to be multipurpose, or at least multi-surface. I don’t want to clutter up a cabinet with a bunch of different products that all have a single purpose, then have to go sorting through them all to find the right one. I want just two or three cleaners that will handle everything.

The more cleaning products you have, the more space you need to store them, the more money you have to spend on them, and the more chance of chemical interactions. The fewer cleaning products you have the better off you are, as long as you can get the job done.

The Solution I Found

Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner ConcentrateSeveral years ago someone introduce my wife to the Shaklee Get Clean products. There were two general-purpose cleaning products that we tried, Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and Scour Off Paste. We’re still using them. Actually, they work so well and last so long that we’re only on our third bottle of both of them.

The Basic H2 is a concentrate that we dilute with water in a spray bottle to do most of the cleaning – countertops, stove top, windows, mirrors, outsides of appliances and floors. I like this cleaner. Mirrors show dust very well. I can clean a mirror with the diluted Basic H2 and it is still pretty much lint free after a week. You can’t get that from a regular glass cleaner from the grocery store.

If something needs more power I use the Scour Off Paste. The paste worked very well on the ceramic top electric stove that we used to have. I loved the stove but if the pot boiled over we had a baked in mess. The Scour Off paste had no trouble with it at all.

They meet my safety requirements too. They are made from natural biodegradable ingredients that are non-toxic. They clean very well and anything that gets left behind is safe for my family and for the environment.

Try them out and see if they are up to your cleaning expectations. You can find both the Basic H2 Concentrate and the Scour Off paste on this website.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am an independent Shaklee distributor and I may earn a commission if you order through my links. Your results may not match mine. Everybody’s circumstances and expectations are different.

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