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Shaklee ProductsWelcome to Keep the House Clean.

I was introduced to the Shaklee products several years ago through their cleaning products, and I was very impressed. They were very reasonably priced, lasted a long time, and most importantly, they worked very well. We’ve been using them ever since.

The biggest problem that I have had is finding someone who I could order the products through. To solve that problem I decided to sign up as a Shaklee independent distributor myself so that I can order them directly, and then promote the products here too.

Kinds of Shaklee Products

Shaklee has been around a long time and has built an impressive catalog of products. The focus is on being healthy inside and out.

Healthy Foundations

Shaklee nutrition products that focus on core nutrition – protein, vitamins, minerals and energy. See the Shaklee Healthy Foundations here.

Healthy Solutions

Nutritional regimens that address top┬áhealth concerns – immunity, aging, heart, brain function, etc. Learn more about the Shaklee Healthy Solutions here.

Healthy Weight

The Shaklee 180 program for healthy weight-loss. Let Shaklee help you lose weight here.

Healthy Beauty

Shaklee products for skin care, body care and hair care. See the Shaklee Healthy Beauty products here.

Healthy Home

The Shaklee cleaning products for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and doing laundry. Clean your home with the Shakee cleaning products.

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